The most important part of an automobile is a car battery. It is very important to know when to start considering a car battery change, as well as what you can do to extend its lifespan. Car batteries last between 2 and 5 years. The most important factor that determine how long a car battery will last is the weather. In hotter regions, a car battery life is usually about two and a half years and in colder regions a battery life is usually four and a half years. This is because within 24 hours of driving in hot weather, a car battery usually discharge. To estimate how long your car battery life will last, consider the climate you will do most of your driving in.

Irrespective of the temperature you drive in, properly taking care of your car battery can help keep it running. Below are several tips that can help you preserve your car battery life.

  • Always ensure that your Battery is Tightly Fastened

If a battery is not securely fastened it can end up vibrating, and may result in internal damage and short circuits. If you want to preserve your car battery you must have your battery terminal checked regularly, especially if you frequently drive on bumpy roads. This will enable you ensure that the battery is tightly and properly positioned in the mounting bracket.

  • Switch Off the Lights When You Exit

Before you get off your car make sure all your lights are switched off. Accidentally keeping your headlights and car door lights on can greatly damage your vehicle’s battery. To avoid forgetting switching off the things that may drain your battery, here are some tips; - park in a place where you will be able to walk past your headlights to get to your destination, stick a note on your dashboard, or attach a sticker reminder on your car remote.

  • Control Battery Terminal Corrosion

To extend the life of your car battery, the battery terminals should be kept clean because battery terminals corrode over time. The best way of cleaning your battery terminal is by scrubbing the terminals with a toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and water mixture. Then, using a spray bottle with cold water, rinse the mixture off and follow up with a thorough drying with a clean cloth.


  • Test Your Battery Often

Knowing the condition of your car battery matters when you want to maximize its life. Test your battery’s output voltage level with a car battery tester to keep track of how well you’re maintaining it and if you’re due for a new one.

  • Turnoff Electronics When Idle

Functions like the radio or air conditioner should be turned off when your engine isn’t running to put less wear and tear on the battery power. Extended periods of idling also can wear a battery down.

  • Take good care for Your Car as a Whole

A car is comprised of many parts working together. The battery is just one, so properly maintaining your car is vital for extending its life and the life of your battery.


Maintaining your car battery life will extend its life span and enable you reduce the costs of buying new batteries frequently.

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